Carrie Graham WordPress Development


I’m Carrie Graham, and I do mainly WordPress, content writing, and graphic/photo work. I graduated from Front End Web Development at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2021. I’ve got some entry-level PHP and decent CSS skills, some solid business analysis and project coordination skills, and I’m just starting to play nice in the sandbox with JavaScript, but don’t expect any miracles.

If you need something simple and affordable for a WordPress reach out. I can incorporate some social branding and logo work if necessary as well. I own and secure my own web host, so if you have an existing site and just need updates and administration, I can accommodate that as well – I have a few hosting clients.

Sites I’ve Done & Am Doing

I threw a couple personal sites up, so these are designs in progress. Two of them are using the same WordPress frame, and points to my writing account on Medium, so I’ve done little design work there except choose colors and upload a couple of images. These are evolving as time allows:

an art site

Click image for live site

This site is using a free WordPress frame called Fifty50, and I’ve done a little CSS customization; there’s more to do. It’s a clean look, with simple navigation, and perfect for a site with minimal content that is mostly static. I only get around to two or three paintings a year, so I wanted something simple I could just upload and go.

a music site

Click image for live site

This site also uses Fifty50 with a bit of CSS customization. Another work in progress, but way less work done on this one as yet. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep this frame. This one incorporates some BandCamp widgets, and I’m investigating moving the whole kit and caboodle over to a Woo store. I hear Woo and Caboodles do well together.

Since there have been changes over at BandCamp, I may move my content to my own host, so this one will likely change at some point soon. I just need to research security and digital fulfillment of various filetypes.

a senior’s site

Click image for live site

Tell-A-Gram is a company that counsels & trains seniors in how to use their devices. It’s a fun, simple, easy to read, out-of-the-box WP frame that’s easy to customize and add to as the content goes up and down. It’s still being tweaked but it’s most of the way there.

I developed the logo and branding for this as well. The logo represents a human brain, with the different colours to represent the different aspects of aging: mind, body, spirit. The colours feel joyful and fun-loving, which is what Tell-A-Gram’s goal is: joyful and fun-loving aging using technology.

another music site

Click image for live site

A talented Canadian jazz musician named Andrew Glover. He teaches at Grant MacEwan University College and needed a simple website for his recordings and the recordings of projects he’s worked on.

It has a number of BandCamp widgets, and we’re working on getting more photo content for him.

In the meantime, do go listen to his recordings, he’s quite brilliant.